Because… sometimes, your wordpress website gets fucked up.

We are two career geeks who are passionate about tech, web development and digital strategy. We have been building websites, deploying architecture solutions and taking brands to the next level since the late 90’s. Yeah, that’s right. Back when you’d install Linux on a 486 in your basement, load up apache and host your own domain that cost more than a mortgage payment. We’ve worked for big government organizations, small start ups, kick ass companies and have helped hundreds of businesses throughout the years. We develop websites in wordpress and were early adapters of the CMS, utilizing it a more than a blog to share stories about the party you went to last night and how good it felt to wake up alone.

Together. We can unfuck your wordpress.

What do we do?

Hosting issues? – We can unfuck them.

API Integrations? – We can unfuck those too.

Woocomerce, Caching, Speed Issues, CSS issues, basic troubleshooting, UX or Information Architecture issues, contact form, broken lead generation, conversion pixel implementation, analytics problems,  broken fonts, messed up workflows… we can unfuck all of that, and probably anything else that can go wrong with your wordpress website.


Who are we?

Jordan Trask

Former Systems Administrator, Current Entrepreneur and Tech Geek

Leland Dieno

Former Digital Marketing Specialist, current Vice President of Kick Ass Marketing Agency & Business Operator

Contact us if you need us to unfuck your wordpress site! 
We may be expensive, but we’re worth it baby…

Happy Customer Quote

“I paid some guy in Romania to develop my coaching businesses website and he fucked it up so royally I couldn’t figure out how to add my new headshot to the homepage. These guys fixed it in less than an hour!”

“My woocommerce store was so broken that I couldn’t accept orders for a week because some schmuck installed an untested, third party extension and these guys got me selling again!”
“I paid a marketing agency like $15,000 for my Gym’s website and they repurposed a theme that they used for one of their grandma’s retirement homes. They left code all over the place referencing alzheimer’s and my members started pointing it out. These guys did some magic and corrected the issue quick!”
“My sitespeed was incredibly bad. My website was loading like pixaleted adult content in 1989 and the guy who built it said he preferred it that way. These guys took my site from turtle to cheetah in less than a week!”

We charge $350\hour because we are that good. 
Appreciate that we’ve been in the game for so many years and regardless of the time it takes us, our knowledge can take your website from zero to hero real quick.

Get in touch and let’s have a discussion about your fucked up wordpress website

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